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Purchase Method

Chicago O'Hare V2 is a Try-Before-Buy product. You will freely download a Demo version, that will work in full for 5-6 minutes at time. The Demo can be unlocked by purchasing the product, directly inside the simulator. Refer to the fsdt_install_guide.pdf document found under the fsdreamteam folder under the FS folder after the installation for more details.

Payment method

It's possible to buy using a Credit Card, compatibile with VISA, Master Card, American Express or JCB circuits.
PayPal is also supported.

Product Cost

The product cost is 34.00 USD (plus your local VAT rate, if you live in the EU, or sales Tax if applicable). There's a Discount available if you own the previous version.

Buy on the Web

Discount for previous owners

Owners of the O'Hare 2011 version can obtain a discount on this product. In order to activate the discount, do as follows:

Activate your existing Serial Number for the 2011 version in the Addon Manager.

Ppurchase it by pressing the "Buy on Web" button from the Addon Manager menu.

If you Buy from the link on this page, the Discount won't work, it must be done from the Addon Manager.

IMPORTANT: It's NOT required to reinstall your original O'Hare 2011. Just Activate its Serial Number, so your previous ownership can be verified to activate the Discount Coupon.

Standalone Addon Manager

The Stand-Alone Addon Manager is no longer required. Just run the FSDT Live Update from the Desktop, to keep all your FSDT products constantly updated.

Chicago O'Hare V2 International Airport for Prepar3D 4/5

Chicago O'Hare V2 International Airport ( see the Wikipedia article here) it's a scenery developed for Lochkeed Martin Prepar3D 4 only. It's has been created with great attention to visual quality and performance, using the latest available programming techniques.


  • The updated airport layout from 2019.
  • A true fully native scenery, designed from the ground up for Prepar3D 4 and 5.
  • Fully designed for PBR, with advanced materials and shaders.
  • Complete Dynamic Lighting, optimized for speed.
  • Completely made using the P3D4 SDK. Native V5 version included. 
  • Highly detailed SODE Jetways.
  • Working information panels on gates.
  • Working EMAS system that stops the airplane when hit.
  • Highly detailed Terminal C interior in Avatar mode.
  • Animated passengers inside the terminal, visible from the cockpit.
  • Many animated custom ground vehicles.
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting.
  • Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances.
  • High resolution building textures.

System Requirements:

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 4.4 or later. Version 4.5 is strongly suggested. Version 5 is supported. Windows 8.1/10, 64 bit edition. A fast video card with 8GB of VRAM is required to use high resolution textures. GSX is required, and it's completely FREE to use here.


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