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Los Angeles LAX is a Try-Before-Buy product. You will freely download a Demo version, that will work in full for 5-6 minutes at time. The Demo can be unlocked by purchasing the product, directly inside Flight Simulator. Refer to the fsdt_install_guide.pdf document found under the fsdreamteam folder under the FS folder after the installation for more details.

Payment method

It's possible to buy using a Credit Card, compatibile with VISA, Master Card, American Express or JCB circuits.
PayPal is also supported.

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Standalone Addon Manager

The Stand-Alone Addon Manager is no longer required. Just run the FSDT Live Update from the Desktop, to keep all your FSDT products constantly updated.

Los Angeles LAX for FSX and FS9

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Los Angeles International Airport for FSX and FS9

Los Angeles International Airport, it'sa scenery developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and FS2004, depicting the world famous LAX International Airport, see the Wikipedia Article here for more informations about the airport. The scenery already represent the airport in its planned status for 1st quarter 2012, according to the TBIT Reconfiguration Program.


  • Fully customized ground and runways in high resolution.
  • NEW Volumetric prerendered Lights, Shadows and Ambient Occlusions without any fps impact.
  • NEW Ground Shaders technology with 100% "Pure FSX" code (FSX only)
  • NEW Bump mapping and Specular mapping on ground, DirectX10 Compatibile! (FSX only)
  • Animated custom ground vehicles. (FSX only)
  • Animated lighted pylons for the LAX Kinetic Light Installation (FSX only)
  • Elevated taxiways bridges, fully compatible with AI airplanes. (FSX only)
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting, custom runway lights and PAPIs. (FSX only)
  • Special runway lights, including FAROS, RWSL, THL and REL. (FSX only)
  • Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances (FSX only).
  • High resolution building textures. (FSX only)
  • 123 Jetways animated with inverse-kinematics in FSX (FSX only)
  • NEW YouControlâ„¢ feature: custom airport actions with easy on-screen menu to trigger animations, events,etc ( FSX only ).

System Requirements:

FSX+SP2 minimum, or FSX+Acceleration Pack or FSX:Steam Edition, or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D ( the latest version of every supported major release, for example 3.4 in P3D4 or 4.4 in P3D4, or 5.2 in P3D V5 ). Windows 8.1 is the minimum supported OS. GSX is required, and it's completely FREE to use here.


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