Purchase Method

GSX Level 2 is a Try-Before-Buy product. You will freely download a Demo version, that will work in full at all FSDT airports, and with a couple of default FSX airports. The Demo can be unlocked by purchasing the product, directly inside Flight Simulator.

Refer to the fsdt_install_guide.pdf document found under the fsdreamteam folder under the FS folder after the installation for more details.

Payment method

It's possible to buy using a Credit Card, compatibile with VISA, Master Card, American Express or JCB circuits.
PayPal is also supported.

Full GSX installer

Includes Level 2 Expansion

32 Bit Installer for FSX/P3D3

64 Bit Installer for P3D4/5

Last updated 30-gen-22

System Requirements:

This is not a Stand-Alone product, the base GSX Product is required.

FSX+SP2 minimum, or FSX+Acceleration Pack or FSX:Steam Edition, or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D ( the latest version of every supported major release, for example 3.4 in P3D4 or 4.4 in P3D4, or 5.3 in P3D V5 ). Windows 8.1 is the minimum supported OS.

Buy GSX L2 Only

If you already have GSX Base, click the above button and buy the Expansion only.

GSX + GSX L2 Bundle

If you are new to GSX, you can buy both GSX Base and the L2 Expansion together, for a better price.

Standalone Addon Manager

The Stand-Alone Addon Manager is no longer required. Just run the FSDT Live Update from the Desktop, to keep all your FSDT products constantly updated.

GSX Level 2 Expansion

Banner GSX

GSX Level 2 is an Expansion for the base GSX product (doesn't work without GSX), which offers the following two main features:

Visible Animated Passengers

SODE replacement Jetways worldwide.


  • Animated Passengers, boarding/unboarding the airplane using either Staircases or Jetways.
  • Many different characters, each one with his own different animation and walking style.
  • Visible Pilots and Crew boarding/unboarding the airplane.
  • Loadmaster assistant replaces the Crew on Cargo airplanes.
  • SODE replacement Jetways at every airport.
  • Complete Jetway editor, to fully customize the Jetway appearance at each parking spot.
  • More than 80 different Jetway types, modeled after real-world specification, each one avabile in different variations.
  • Jetway Numbers using DX11 (Prepar3D 4 only).
  • Easy jetway logo customization using DX11 (Prepar3D 4 only).
  • New Fuel Hydrant (Prepar3D 4 only).
  • New Custom Camera views (Prepar3D 4 only).
  • Jetway with Air and Power units, which can keep the airplane battery charged.
  • Default Jetways are replaced automatically.
  • 3rd party Jetways using the default animation system can be excluded on demand, in the airport customization.

IMPORTANT - This is not a Stand-Alone product! It's an expansion for GSX, which won't work unless GSX is already active.


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